Thursday, September 01, 2005

hello all

I hope today finds you all well. My prayers continue to go out to all those who have lost someone and those who are displaced today. What a challenging time,
Well I forgot I have a meeting this afternoon with Aiyanna's speech therapist (yes, I know I'm a therapist...but there is a reason dr's don't operate on their own children) :-) She gets entirely too aggravated at me. Anyway, they will tell me whether she is eligible for speech services. I'll be shocked if she's not...I'm positive she will remain in therapy. Her poor articulation on some sounds really colors the way she spells words phonetically. that should be all the reason she needs.
Anyway, I found out a got an extra paycheck! woo hoo. God is good. I'm telling you that is my mantra....God is good and God is my Source. It helps me get rid of the worry in trying to control everything.
Aiyanna was voted student of the month for August. She's still not sold on school...but at least she is doing well while she is there. Alec is totally into aliens again. He is reading every night before bed. He told me last I only have 2 more chapters in my book. I don't want it to end...its like being on vacation...the book just takes you away. The boy is so smart.
Well I'm thinking about getting a puppy...but i think it would be too time consuming...and I always do this when i'm bored. Hurry up Sage woman and move already. save me from a house of pets!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tornadoes and such

Hey everyone. Just a note to let you know we got through 7 tornadoes last night in Georgia. Luckily we were spared a lot of damage. Just a small downed tree.
Hope all is well on the other end.
My little storm spotter alec was in rare form last'd think someone spiked his milk. Every five minutes it was this warning that warning...this watch that watch. oh lord deliver me from meteorology.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My girl is in love

Well Aiyanna has found the boy she plans on marrying. Yesterday she came home with this boy's phone number. I am thinking in my I tell her society's rules about girls not calling boys? Do I tell her 6 is a bit young to be calling boys? Or do I just let her do what she wants. I decide to heck with society. She calls him and in her words is "perky" around him. They decide that both mothers should meet at lunch on Friday so they can spend more time together. I found a construction paper tablet in her are a couple of entries: (by the way, said boy is called Tanner)
I love u tanr
tanr u are the bom
you don't like faf (faith is her friend that likes tanner as well)
tanner i want you heeer
oh lord. the thing is...yanna has always been this way. She has flirted with men and women since birth. The girl is a diva and a scorpio. Loren will have a heart attack before 35 at this rate.
Love is a many splendored thing.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Okay so Sunday morning Aiyanna decided to warm up a slice of pizza. She put the microwave on 20 minutes. She left. I am in the shower...Loren is sleeping I guess. I start to smell something bad and I think someone must have burnt some I keep shaving my legs.
I am smelling it more and more and I'm downstairs. Finally one of the sadly unconscious parents gets up to check, no, it wasn't me...This pizza was so burned I think I saw the image of the virgin mary. The barbie plate? Well, we don't talk about it. The only thing is, we have this residual burnt smell ALL OVER the house. I mean it is horrible. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to neutralize charred pizza?????
Happy Monday to ya!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Stop the Spam

Okay all you spammers. Stay out of my sanctuary! No one is going to read your spam and say...oh yeah I feel like buying that while I'm reading my friend's blog. It's a waste of time and it's a waste of MY SPACE. It is sooo annoying. I get enough in my emails, I don't need more of it thank you.
Can I get an amen????

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hump Day

Hello all. It's Hump Day which means, you aren't through yet. Getting there though.
Well Loren stayed home but when the furniture people came, they put it all together! But it was a nice break for him, though he seems to be going through his male version of pms. What's wrong?? Nothing. (as he smiles this iron type of smile)
Anyway the kids loved the beds, though Alec once again moved to the floor to sleep. Well I guess when he gets older and his "cat type" body doesn't take weird positions as well, he'll change back to sleeping on the bed. The beds ended up better than I had anticipated and that was a nice surprise. see? if you have no expectations, it's a wonderful world. :-)
Aiyanna looked so little in her bed. weird how that happens.
Going to watch spanglish again today. Loren hasn't seen it. Hope he is feeling better today!
Well more later...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tuesday 8-16-05

Hey everyone. I posted a few pics of the kids and my struggling art work. :-)
My task today should I choose to accept it is to convince Loren to stay home from work to put the kid's beds together. hmmmm.
I got the kids off to school. I spoke with Yanna about having a positive attitude. She doesn't seem to be complaining as much about school, so I guess that's an improvement. She tends to hold onto the one thing that was negative and forget the other 99 positive experiences. So we're working on that. Alec is a superstar this year about school. Thank goodness. Though because of his interest in storm chasing, he informs me of weather patterns and funnel clouds every 5 minutes of my waking day. But hey, we'll be ready should one come to knock on our door.

The ant party is still going on. Don't they ever tire? and then lo and behold there was an inch long flying ant with wings. I thought of you Miss World. I thought oh lord, not you. I've heard about you and your little friends. Well I'm not having it here. You go back to Miss World's place.

okay so they look a little like children of the corn. Posted by Picasa

and of course Aiyanna Posted by Picasa

Here is a summer picture of Alec Posted by Picasa